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DEKi 40kW Domestic Fully Automated Wood Pellet Boiler

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DEKi 40kW Domestic Fully Automated Wood Pellet Boiler.

 DEKi boilers are the most efficient and most advanced wood pellet of boilers available on the market today.

Due to their advanced design, attention to detail and intelligent use of technology, DEKi wood pellet boilers are able to achieve phenomenal efficiency outputs of up to 94%!

These boilers are designed to burn wood pellets only and are not capable or designed for burning of any other type of fuel.

DEKi range are Class 5 ECO Design boilers fulfilling all European and recently introduced EU legislation EN 303-5:2012 as to emissions and efficiency of solid fuel burning biomass water heating boilers.

DEKi Boilers come heavily insulated, with internally mounted firebricks that act as a heat deflectors, store and catalyst for any hydrocarbons that remained unburned during combustion process. 

In principal the DEKi Fully Automated wood pellet boilers are technological evolution of our range of Automated Boilers.

Key points of DEKi range:

  • Wood pellet bin with feeding system.

  • Adaptive and Intelligent controller system.

  • Exhaust gases feedback.

  • Internet module.

  • Twin spark ignition system.

  • Exhaust extractor fan.

  • Automated self cleaning burner grate.

  • Automated self cleaning heat exchanger 

  • Automated ash self cleaning and emptying. (optional extra).

  • Expected burn time between refills 7-14 days during winter for correctly sized machine.

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