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DWB Manual Multi Fuel Wood & Coal Boiler


DWB 15kW Central Heating & Hot Water Solid Fuel Boiler.

DWB line of multi fuel wood boilers characterised by a simple, aesthetic and solid construction giving the burner ability to produce hot water for central heating from burning logs, coal, peat, garden waste and other solid fuels.

Multifuel wood and coal manual boiler.

The red boiler range, DWB have been around for about a decade now and are a popular choice amongst people looking for simplicity, economy, ability to burn most fuels and produce heat in form of hot water without any form of electronic technology.

With the revisions carried out on regular basis, the DWB multifuel boilers are well finished with good solid feel and are able to burn wood, coal and variety of other solid fuels.

Available in power outputs of 12 – 40kW.

Fuel loading is through middle door.

Fuel burning occurs from bottom up.

Boiler is equipped with manual flap control although thermostatic auto flap control valve can be purchased separately. The valve, temperature operated, opens and closes bottom door, thus controlling amount of oxygen in and burner temperature.

The DWB range of multifuel boilers are also equipped in bottom heat exchange grate, upper laminar flow heat exchanger plates and good size fire box.

Taking a look around the boiler, the front has 3 openings, top, middle and bottom are doors for cleaning heat exchangers, filling up with fuel and ash pan access, respectively.

To the side is a grate shaker and spent gases exit through located at the rear, baffled exhaust.

Manufactured out of EN specification 5-6 mm steel plates, laser cut and welded from both sides.

No electricity is required for this wood and coal boiler to operate, ideally suited for open / vented plumbing type system.

Some amount of supervision is required.

Refills vary with boiler output as does fire box size, but expected multi fuel boiler burn time, using coal or wood, to be 3-4 hours for smaller units and up to 8-10 hours on bigger machines.

Maintenance is straight forward and simple tools needed are supplied. Expect to empty ash when burning wood and coal every week or less, thorough clean once a month. Cleaning takes no more that 10-15 min for average able person.

Relevant European approval.

In stock and available for immediate delivery!

As with the rest of our items this wood boiler is a 100 % European product.

Please Note

Shape or size may vary as products evolve and are constantly updated.


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