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DSS 9kW Contemporary Modern Free Standing Multi Colour Wood Fired Stove

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DSS 9kW Contemporary Modern Free Standing Multi Colour Wood Fired Stove.

DSS 9kW free standing stove features aesthetically pleasing eye catching design that gives an impression of boiler floating in the air.

The design is and feels solid thanks to use of quality materials, a topic starter for conversations during family gathering in cold autumn, winter months.

This stove comes in 3 main colours, Black, White and Red, so if you are looking for something to stand out or to blend in with the decor, this heater will fit well in to most most environments. 

The inside of the fire box is lined with ceramic bricks to give smooth and steady temperature and this stove will radiate heat long after its extinguished. The stove can be connected up to external air supply to further increase burn efficiency and to stop already heated warm air being circulated out through the chimney.

Looking for pleasant to eye stove for sun room, patio room, conservatory, holiday home or just to give your sitting room a nice warm feel, the DSS stove will give you just that.

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DSS Stove specification.

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