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Plumbing diagrams for our boilers

Basic Plumbing Diagram For Multi Fuel Boilers. 

These are a couple of standardised plumbing diagrams used for a wide range of applications for use with oil, gas or multi fuel central heating and hot water systems.

The diagrams are for vented / open type & closed / pressurised types of central heating systems. Our multi fuel boilers and stoves are just as happy to operate in either plumbing system however please let us know at the time of ordering as open / vented type unit will be specked for your order.


Plumbing diagram for open / vented type plumbing used in central heating and hot water systems. 

Plumbing diagrams for biomass multi fuel wood pellet boilers central heating system

Plumbing diagram for closed / pressurised type plumbing used in central heating and hot water systems. 

plumbing connection diagram schematic drawing for biomass multi fuel boiler in house home closed system