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Boiler Types Explained

Manual multi fuel biomass manually loaded boilers.

Manual multi fuel biomass boilers log coal burner for sale Ireland Wales Scotland

 The manual multi fuel boilers units are the starter multi fuel range of boilers. They have no electronic aides to control their operation, thus require no electricity to work.

They are made of purpose made 5-6mm steel, with inner jackets and external insulation to maximise efficiency.

Applications of these wood burner units can vary as in principle they heat water, key note to remember, these solid fuel boilers do require an operator to keep an eye on their running as there is no electronic feedback to control fuel combustion or the temperature. Their short falls are also good indicator as to whom these are suitable for. If you are looking for a coal / wood solid fuel boiler that can be filled up 1-3 times in 24hr period, left unattended, burn damp fuel then these models are not for you, they are more suited for a workshop or domestic building were user is available to manually control drought, hot water temperature and fuel level.

These units do require good draft from flue / chimney as there is no air fan assistance.

From experience of using one expect to visit these multi fuel boilers every 1-3 hrs and refill 4-7hrs (if machine was sized correctly), although very little maintenance is required.

Semi automatic multi fuel biomass manually loaded boilers.

Semi automatic log wood slack turf burning boilers fan assisted for sale in UK Ireland Ni

Bridging the gap between multi fuel manual boilers and fully automated pellet fuelled machines, these semi automated log burners are the ideal heating solution for user looking to burn wide variety of solid fuels.

Bearing similarity to Manual range of boilers, these multifuel wood and coal burners are equipped with intelligent fan control. The controller maximise efficiency output by activating, amongst other features, circulating pump and forced fed air supply fan, in turn this allows for true Multi fuel capability to be explored to its full potential. Clean house hold waste such as potato skins, can now be mixed with variety of fuels such as logs, seasoned or fresh cut, coal, shavings, pellets, peat,turf, waste garden and commercial wood.

The intelligent fan control allows 'fill up and forget' type approach making a good use out of their fire box holding volume, this being the main Semi Automatic range of boilers, attribute. Looking at a 50kw WBI unit, the realistic refill times are around 10-16 hours, this being due to the units fuel loading area of around 205 litres. Once the temperature is reached the burner goes in to the idle mode, allowing the boiler to sit simmering away and storing any un-burned fuel for up to 90 minutes, after which it will blast air through to keep itself alight, until the demand for heat is requested again.

Further increase in fuel refill times can be achieved by adding a hot water store, commonly known as the accumulator or buffer tank. This type of system, although not essential for correct boiler operation can achieve refill times of up to 72hrs in normal domestic conditions.

The Semi Automatic Multi Fuel Boiler range of machines are currently best sellers, they are easy to use and have true multi fuel capability with almost incinerator like burn characteristics.

Boiler Applications
Domestic and commercial premises, these multi fuel boilers require daily input, have build in temperature control and can be used as a direct central heating and hot water oil and gas boiler replacement.

 Automated wood pellet, biomass and multifuel auto feed boilers.

Wood Pellet duo Defro boilers burn logs and slack pellets for sale madaboutheat.com

Burning of solid fuel or biomass pellets, has never been easier and hassle free. Our Automated Boilers range of machines cater for all budgets, all offering quality and efficiency they are quickly becoming top choice for customers looking for viable alternative to oil and gas heating systems.

Our range of pellet boilers start with bread and butter of biomass boilers, they are no frills does what it says, these are the green TPBI range. Step up from that are the yellow pellet boilers, these have a better all around finish and are around 2% more efficient when compared to TPBI range.

At the top of the multi fuel pellet boiler range we have the red DPBI range of machines, these have superior finish and come with variety of different electronic aides, including touch screen, self ignition and modem module GSM capability giving central heating and hot water control from mobile phone or computer

For the users in UK and Northern Ireland, looking to take advantage of MCS RHI grants, we supply the PPBI range of grant eligible boiler. With LINE 1 and LINE 2 defining level of specification, these need a separate wood pellet store, sizes which is selectable from the drop down menu.

The PBI, DPBI and TPBI all have multi fuel solid fuel capability, what it means is that they are able to burn logs and log sized fuel, including shrubs, coal, light domestic and commercial waste, this is done manually and is performed via the middle door of these machines. The refill times for manually loaded solid fuels is around 2-3 hrs.

PPBI range, are specifically designed to burn wood pellet fuel only.

Emptying of ashes is typically between 2-3 months, performed via bottom door, general cleaning maintenance every 3-4 months through upper door, process takes 10-15 minutes.

Fuel Used
Via Hopper – pellet, slack, pea coal, coal, grain (max size 20x20x20 mm)

Manually - Logs, shrubs, general clean waste, pellets, coal, wood waste in any form.

 Hot air blowers space heaters.

multi fuel biomass space heater hot air blower warehouse heating clean warm air not gas or kerosene heaters

The multi fuel space heaters are our newest addition to multi fuel, log and coal burning machines. Oil and gas powered space air heaters have been around for a while, however their size and their costs made potential users turn away and look for a solution elsewhere.

We are happy to be bringing these multi fuel air and space heater wood burners on to UK market and offering these quality commercial and domestic heating products at a very competitive price and at a fraction of floor area space required, when compared with competitors and their products.

Our entry level space air to air heater TABI, the green range, in basic form with output of 30KW burns most available fuels, wood, coal, wood waste, cardboard and etc, this model also has an option of increased power output of 70KW. Both models are available in multi fuel version or as an automated wood pellet or small coal granules fed hopper system which can be attached underneath. Solid no nonsense design with very little in terms of electronics apart from a fan and thermostat.

The red multifuel powered air to air space heater models are an excellent solution to cold air in warehouses or open spaces. The DABI range has a true multi fuel capability, with manual loading the fuel can be shrubs, chipboard, timber, coal, pellets and others, with large firebox, not only big pieces can be loaded but reloading time greatly extended.

Yellow space heater units are taking different approach, the ABI multifuel wood pellet boiler and air heater utilises pelleted as well as solid fuel to heat water that is circulated and part of a system as well as internal water to air heat exchanger to function as a space heater. They are industrial in size and performance, producing vast amounts of heat. Primary fuel is fed from hopper, mounted on the side, filled with small pea coal or wood pellets, its fed using auger to the fire box then burned.

The yellow multi fuel heaters can heat water and air, both at the same time so a split heating system is possible.

ALL of our multifuel air space heating blower machines are made of EN standard, quality heavy gauge steel and have a mass of around 400 kg for 30kW heater.

Fuel Used
Via Hopper – pellet, slack, pea coal, coal (max size 20x20x20 mm)

Manually - Logs, shrubs, general clean waste, pellets, coal, wood waste in any form.