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Burn Wood Not Your Savings

Providing Alternative Solutions To Mainstream Heating Since 2006.

About us, our products and what we do.

This page is all about real life representation, no glossy pictures just visual material of our boilers that are just as they are. Starting with our multi fuel boilers being made, followed by arriving from our warehouse or factory in for pre-sale preparation, their crating and dispatch. Followed by pictures and video's of our solid fuel biomass boilers working, plumbed in and heating homes, houses, workshops, warehouses, kilns also used for heating swimming pools and shown in other applications. The objective is for you, the potential customer to see the products first hand and to help you visualize these solid fuel boilers, space heaters or stoves to be used in your application and to assist you in deciding to purchase OUR product. 


Mad about heat, was started in 2006 from a basic need to stay warm for less. Having moved to Northern Ireland from Wales in early 2006, cold and damp weather associated with local climate was quite a shock, but not as big as receiving a monthly heating bill for month of February of £360. Home still being cold! Solution was needed. Following few calls and bit more investigation a dual fuel pellet boiler was purchased and installed. Plumber that installed it liked it so much, he bought one too and so it all began. Like with any business it has its up and downs, but sticking to core principles for our products which are: solid, simple to use, able to burn wide range of fuels, well made and without requiring engineer to perform servicing, seen us experience steady growth over the years.

Started from necessity. 

About our products.


 Our product are 100% European made out of quality materials and are using quality components which meet required following directives.

PN-EN 303-5:2012, PN-EN 303-5+A1:2023-05, PN-EN IEC60730-2-9:2019-06, 
PN-EN 60730-1:2016-10, PN-EN IEC61000-6-2:2019-04, PN-EN IEC61000-6-3:2021-08



Like with any product, it starts in an engineers office taking in to accounts what seems to never ending list of constraints governed by regulations and drive to manufacture competitor beating product. Once the drawings are completed they are passed to manufacturing floor.

Steel is the main material used in various forms to manufacture our boilers. As many of our multi fuel boilers are capable of burning wide variety of fuels, the gases, heat and waste produced during burning process varies depending on what is burned, therefore a specially formulated steel for use in multi fuel boilers is used. This gives the our biomass boiler a long and trouble free exploitation time.

 Raw steel arrives as sheets or in coils


 Using heavy equipment such as laser cutters, plasma cutters, steel press, robotic welders, forming presses and not forgetting a good tap from a hammer, the steel is cut and formed in to components.

factory of multi fuel boilers, biomass boiler factory, boiler manufacturer, boilers being made

 The boiler, accumulator / buffer tanks and heat exchanger components are then labeled, entered in to the system and put away in to stores pending assembly. At this stage the boiler chassis is tested for fluid tightens.

solid fuel boiler parts, boiler components, boiler factory, biomass boiler parts, boiler assembly

 The next stage is what can be called the birth of a boiler, the assembly time. This is the point where the chassis of our multi / solid fuel boiler or the buffer tank is welded and bolted together with other parts to produce what is now beginning to resemble a boiler.

biomass boiler factory, where are boilers made, log boilers manufactured, boiler assembly line

Every week a random boiler is pulled off production line and sent in to for internal testing.

This is a destructive testing and it consists of putting the boiler under load up to a point of melt down. During that test a data is collected which shows if the boiler is meeting, set out during design stage, a performance parameters.

Testing is a very important part of quality control.

solid fuel boiler testing, multi fuel boiler testing, boiler testing, mad about heat boilers, central heating log boilers

 Once assembled the boiler goes for examination, the electronics package is added and the new wood boiler, now bolted to a pallet, is wrapped and awaits shipping to one of our warehouses.

solid fuel boiler factory, fabryka piecow co, multi fuel boilers for sale, piece na drewno na sprzedaz

Our boilers, buffer tanks and heaters are then collected by articulated lorry and brought over to our warehouse in Northern Ireland. Once in our yard lorry gets unloaded and driver is offered a well deserved tea or coffee with a biscuit, or two if they are nice ;-).

 multi fuel boilers for sale, solid fuel boilers for sale, boilers delivered


 Pallets are then divided in to solid fuel boilers, special orders, space heaters, accumulator tanks and hot air blowing heat exchangers. All are inspected and put in to our warehouse pending sale. Once sold the boiler is then put through pre delivery inspection which consists of making sure it is of the correct power output, all sub-components are present and installed and most importantly adjustment of the controller programming. Different fuels have different burn characteristics thus the controller needs to be adapted to suits those variations, we set up each boiler to suit customers needs, those we establish them during pre sale chat. Due to high value and the sheer bulk of items we sell, all of our products that are on pallets, are crated to prevent any damage in transit. Some customers prefer to collect the units themselves or we can also deliver if locally.

 Delivery is usually within 48 hours, for most of UK and Ireland and 5-7 for Europe. 

 multi fuel boilers for sale, boiler getting packed for delivery, biomass boilers delivered in UK and Ireland

 Once our products are delivered we offer help and support with installation by speaking to the plumber, providing plumbing and electrical diagrams, explaining what does what on the boiler and in time we offer phone or mail based technical support if the units requires adjustments to the controller in order to optimize burn efficiency. 

 multi fuel boilers working, burning logs at home, burning wood in boiler, wood boiler central heating, madaboutheat boilers

 Typical solid fuel boiler installation. This system is a dual fuel, this means there are 2 sources of heat plumbed in in to the central heating system, to the left is a DWBi multi fuel boiler that is burning timber, in the center is the buffer tank which is storing the heat and smoothing out temperature oscillations associated with burning solid fuels and to the right is oil boiler. To switch between two boilers is just a matter of switching the socket On or Off for either boiler.

 biomass boiler installation, plumbing wood boiler with gas boiler, plumbing log boiler with oil boiler, mad about heat boilers


 Couple of videos of our solid fuel boilers in action, both fitted with buffer / accumulator tanks.





If you have any questions, regarding choosing the correct boiler or product suitability, don't hesitate to give us a call. When supplying boilers, our priority is to make sure you get the right model, right spec and power output machine. To narrow down selection we ask many questions about the building, fuel used and user expectations.

Solid fuel boilers are not for everyone but they are cheaper and cleaner form of energy.

Some of feedback we get from our customers.

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