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Cast Iron & Steel Stoves, Fireplace Inserts and Back Boilers.

Cooker Stoves

Cooker stoves camping tree house heater hot water coil holiday home heating

Wood Pellet Automatic Stoves

Wood pellet stoves hot air blower madaboutheat.com Wood Pellet stoves room heater holiday home automated kW for sale delivery to France Spain UK Wales England Ireland WHITE PNG KKVP 8kW Wood Pellet Biomass Stove Automated Air Heater madaboutheat.com

Classic Design Stoves

 KSF 13kW Solid Fuel Classic Stove Wood Log Burner Cast Iron Slim LineKSK 13kW Solid Fuel Classic Stove Wood Log Burner Cast Iron KK 9kW T Two Sided Log Stove Cast Iron Classic Look stoves are us madaboutheat.com

Contemporary Stoves

 DCS 10kW Contemporary Modern Wood Coal Fired Stove madaboutheat defrom hunter aga KKT 10kW Corner Stylish Modern Glass Door Stove Black Ceramic Lined KKTV 10kW Glass Surround Stylish Modern Stove Grey Ceramic Lined DSS 9kW Contemporary Modern Free Standing Multi Colour Wood Fired Stove madaboutheat.com KKAB 11kW Modern Free Standing Stove Ceramic Tiled Gloss Steel madaboutheat.com

Fire Place Inserts


Back Boiler Water Heater Stoves

KKWJ 13kW Free Standing Back Boiler Multi Fuel Stove Air & Water Heater