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Our multi fuel boilers are one of the best solution for heating stately homes. Having sold number of units throughout the land, some of these buildings are listed meaning they cannot have exterior alterations of any kind, our boilers can use existing chimneys, can be installed seamlessly without any disruption, and operate completely unnoticed.
Generally stately homes are heated by oil and this resource is going to continue to rise in price, now is the time to make the switch and use wood as the more cost-effective fuel. 
If your estate has a woodlands you will be able to heat your home for next to nothing and dispose of waste materials at the same time!
Using wood to heat your home will heat you twice.
solid fuel cantral heating boiler, heating old building, reduce heating cost
Our solid fuel boilers can have many uses from heating inside of the house, workshop or garage, heating hot water or providing the energy for heating your swimming pool or sauna.
Heat from solid fuel boiler is unlike that generated by gas or oil boilers. Gas or oil boilers overheat and shut off regularly causing radiators to go hot and cold. The hot water generated by burning wood in our boilers is pumped through the central heating system and does not go off unless thermostat reaches its cut off temperature.  
We had many customers tell us how their old cold house became a nice warm home using the same amount of wood they burned in a stove previously heating only one or two rooms.

heating old homes, wood boilers for old homes, heating old building

Our Multi fuel boilers come in a vast array of sizes capable of heating all your requirements for even the most grandiose of stately homes.

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