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Big buildings

Stately Homes & Country Mansions

Our multi fuel boilers are currently heating stately homes throughout the land, some of these buildings cannot have alterations of any kind and our boilers are installed seamlessly without any disruption, completely unnoticed.
With your WB, WBI or PBI boiler installation upheaval is kept to a minimum and the interior of your house will not be affected whatsoever.
Your plumber will arrange for your new unit to be fitted, most likely in the same room or out building as your current system and the switch over will be seamless and unspoiled.

Generally stately homes are heated by oil and this resource is going to continue to rise in price so now is the time to make the switch over to the more cost-effective solid fuel. You will even be able to publicize the fact your estate is now a cleaner, greener place.
If your estate had a forestry subdivision you will be able to heat the area required for next to nothing and dispose of waste materials at the same time!
The boiler can have many uses from heating the inside of the house, workshop or garage to heating hot water and providing the energy for heating your swimming pool.
Our Multi fuel boilers come in a vast array of sizes capable of heating all your requirements for even the most grandiose of stately homes.

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