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Full Auto Wood Pellet Boilers

Fully Automated Range of Wood Pellet Boilers are top of the range and the latest in engineering design of biomass burners.

Our pellet boilers are specially designed to burn wood pellets only, they are super efficient and with a range of between 91-93% there simply isn't another range matching that performance.

Key striking differences are adaptive controllers, internet modules, self ignition, exhaust fan on certain model, self cleaning burner heads, automatic ash emptying.

The adaptive controllers gather data from various sensors, including outside temperature and exhaust temperature to consume minimum fuel whilst maintaining maximum heat. 

They work with minimum fuss, just fill up the hopper with pellets and the boiler will do the rest. Refill time are between 7 - 28 days during winter time, this depends on boiler and hopper size.

Buying these you are buying the best machines available on the market today.