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Selecting the right boiler.

Boiler choice

Which boiler should I choose?

There are so many different types of boilers, how do I know which boiler is right for me?

When advising customers on selecting the right boiler w go through our 'over the years' developed checklist.

  • We start by establishing the property size, this can be in feet or meters square, simple measure of outside of the building is enough.

Roughly for every 100 square meters a bulding will need around 12-14kW of heat produced by boiler. So a 240 square meters house will need a boiler of around 30kW.

  • Is the boiler to heat water or is a stove or fireplace insert sufficient?

  • What fuel is the boiler most likely to burn?

  • Is someone around to monitor the boiler or is fully automated multi fuel pellet boiler more suitable?

Have a look at our easy to read guide for different boiler categories....


Pellet Boiler - Automatic boiler

This boiler range is the most technically advanced available on the market. Their use is directed primarily to those users who desire the convenience that pellet fuel offers. As a general rule the hopper can be filled on a weekly basis and will require no further input, (except to occasionally cast an eye to ensure all is safe). Some models have the added ease of self ignition.

They are suitable for both domestic and non- domestic usage and are available from 15kW right up to 150kW
The primary intended fuel is wood pellets although it is possible to use coal, oats, logs and waste wood and lignite.
As with all our boilers each and every component is sourced and assembled within Europe from reputable manufacturers.

We are delighted to have this range of boilers available as we are confident they have been tested thoroughly and perform to the maximum possible standards.


Semi Automatic

This popular range has electronic controls allowing the user to programme their boiler for maximum efficiency. A ventilator provides the added bonus of allowing slow combustion times resulting in less fill up times for the user – even up to 18 hours.

They are suitable for heating domestic and non domestic premises with a vast range of sizes available, from 9kW right up to 100kW.
This boiler range can be fed using a number of high energy fuels including cardboard, coal, turf, logs, pallets, through to pellets, grain 
These boilers are well finished machines and their features advanced and evolved throughout the years.

We are happy to promote this line of boiler, safe in the knowledge the manufacturers have been producing them for decades and are the most popular in Europe due to their durability, high efficiency and high performance.



These are a basic range of boilers. They have a no frills approach to heating and contain all the necessary elements needed to heat domestic or commercial premises at a very attractive price. They are available in a range of sizes from 5kW to 50kW.

Because they do not have a fan to stimulate air flow they will require more physical work and are slightly less efficient than the Semi Automatic or Automatic boiler range
They are simple and straightforward to operate with few working parts to go wrong.

They do of course, like all the boilers we supply have all relevant EN numbers and are manufactured using high grade steel.


Wood burners - Space Heater

A space heater is designed for heating industrial premises, commercial buildings or halls and such like.
They are available in 30, 35, 50, 70 and 100kW

These machines are very efficient and will extract maximum heat possible out of the fuel. They are very economical to run as operating costs are low and off cuts and cheap fuel can be used. Room temperatures can drop below 0 C so these space heaters are ideal for everyday worktime 9-5 use where the premised is vacated at night or indeed for occasional use where it might be a couple of weeks between usages.



A wood burning stove is a device placed in one room usually the living room or kitchen and will heat that room. They generally provide around 5-8 kW of heat for that room.
A stove can indeed be a striking focal point for a room and can sometimes be used in smokeless zones. Typically they are capable of burning only wood and coal and have an efficiency rating of around 10-55%.

They can be a useful addition to any home