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Log stove or multi fuel boiler?

Stove or Boiler?



Your stove will probably be placed in a room where you intend to spend a lot of time.

The stove will keep this area very warm but does not have the capabilities of warming radiators in other rooms – although with the doors open the heat will disperse throughout the rest of the house.

A stove can be a cosy feature in your room making the area welcoming and inviting

A range of sizes are available from 5kW – 25kW.

Efficiency rates vary depending on the model but is typically around 65%.

Your stove will burn most types of solid fuel including wood, coal and slack.

When unseasoned wood or coal is used the glass on the door will get covered in smoky carbon deposits so it is for this reason seasoned wood should be used.

The stove can generally be used in smokeless zones depending on the fuel used.



Your boiler will probably be located outside in a garage or small shed near your premises and will have the capacity to heat your whole building and provide hot water.

A range of sizes are available from 5kW which will heat a space of around 45 sq metres (or 450sq feet) to 150kW which will heat a massive area of around 1400 sq metres ( or 14000 sq feet).

It is possible to run 2 or more boilers at the same location.

They have the ability to burn a wide range of materials and fuels whilst optimizing the maximum extraction of heat potential.

Efficiency rating varies for each model but typically remains above 80%.

As the boiler will not interfere with living space it can not intrude nor cause harm to those in the vicinity.

It requires minimal supervision and will keep the whole house cosy and warm as well as provide hot water at the same time.

A boiler can be used in addition to or in place of your existing heating system easily and when a thermostat is placed in the premises the desired temperature can be maintained and controlled easily.

The place your boiler is located can also be used as a storage for your fuel – be it pellets, coal, wood or whatever you have chosen. If you intend to burn wood this will give it the opportunity to season nicely as the area will be warm. Having your fuel and boiler located together makes filling up your boiler an easy, hassle free even pleasurable task. As this area will be warm it gives way to using the space for a multitude of other uses e.g. drying clothes or for pets to sleep.