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Burn Wood Not Your Savings

Providing Alternative Solutions To Mainstream Heating Since 2006.

Energy Prices Are Sky High

If you have access to wood or wood waste products, shield your home / business from uncertain expenses.

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Manually Loaded, Multi Fuel Boilers

Simple, efficient, solid and reliable. Burning logs is no rocket science, why complicate it.

Solid fuel central heating

and hot water boilers.

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Since 2006

1000's Of Satisfied and Warm Customers

Our boilers heat buildings and homes as far as Shetland Islands through Ireland & Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Channel Islands, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Portugal and few countries in Africa.

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Madaboutheat boilers are:

Very easy to install and adapt as stand alone or part of multi heat source central heating system.

We provide technical support over the phone, text messaging and video calls.

Most of our boilers are pre-programmed before being dispatched.

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Pricing & Delivery

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    Price of boilers shown, includes delivery and VAT. This is subject to delivery location and accessibility by delivering vehicle.

  • Application

    Homes, offices, workshops, warehouses, kennels, kilns, factories, swimming pools, garages, our solid fuel boilers heat all!

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    Fast palletised delivery.

    We usually deliver across UK and Ireland within 48hrs.Rest of Europe is 4-7 days.

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    We usually keep large stock of most common units, however our special order system takes only around 2 weeks.

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DWBi Boiler key features

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Fan assisted boiler, biomass boiler
DWBi boiler, mad about heat boilers, solid fuel boiler working, central heating boiler, log boiler

DWBi boiler and buffer tank in action.

This is a video showing DWBi 50kW multi fuel boiler and 1000 liter buffer tank, burning logs to generate hot water that is then used for central heating and hot water. Note this system was installed in conjunction with already present oil boiler, with a flick of a switch user can choose between either heat source.