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Modern Central Heating

Yes it is!

Our multi fuel boilers and stoves can be used as a direct replacement for NON COMBI type boilers in central heating and hot water domestic and commercial applications.

Solid fuel has made a comeback as an effective, efficient and viable way to heat your home. With the emergence of modern oil, gas and electric heating systems solid fuel took a 'back boiler' for a while as it was sometimes seen as an inconvenient, expensive and frankly messy job although this opinion has changed rapidly.

Our boiler models are very easy to light, require minimal supervision and produce little waste.

Generally your new boiler can be added to your existing heating system with very little disturbance, in fact usually the boiler can be run in conjunction with an existing heating system. This can be beneficial if you want to use your solid fuel system in the colder autumn and winter months.

Of course your Madaboutheat boiler can be used as a stand alone unit in its own right and will heat your premises quickly, economically and conveniently.

Usually a competent plumber can have the whole system plumbed and be up and running from as little as 4 - 5 hours.

Every machine comes with a long warranty and our excellent after sales customer service comes as standard so you can be guaranteed professional support.

Your boiler will be placed in a shed or outhouse. The room it is in will be warm so instead of being an unused space this area will now have many possibilities – for example for drying clothes or for a sleeping area for pets. It is the ideal place for storage and loading of your chosen fuel – be it pellets or logs. If you have chosen a pellet burner you can build or buy a pellet storage tank or if you have logs the warm outhouse is the ideal place to allow them to season.

Why would I want to become interested in a wood pellet boiler or multifuel boiler?

A big advantage of choosing your multi fuel madaboutheat boiler is it can burn almost anything you put in there – when burning logs or waste wood you are actually contributing to the governments desires by reducing your carbon footprint as it is a carbon neutral fuel.

If you are in the position of having these around you can heat your home for next to nothing! Indeed the research and progress of our boilers, which took place over the last few years has been quite significant.

With your madaboutheat boiler as well as gaining the maximum possible potential from your chosen fuel you can be sure it has met with stringent safety testing and complies with the necessary UK and European safety requirements, namely PN-EN 12809 and PN-EN 303-5:2002.

The boiler is a robust machine made from special carbon grade steel so you can be sure it will last for many years to come.

Infact it comes with 10 year anti leak warranty and 2 years warranty on electrical components.

With our madaboutheat boilers you are guaranteed maximum heat extraction from the fuel you have chosen to burn thereby saving you money in the long term and it is worth remembering your house will be cosy and warm all the time.

For Example: Imagine you have 10 kilos of logs and a house of around 200 sq metres (2000 sq feet) roughly an average 3 bedroom detached house This will produce enough heat for whole house and provide hot water for 24 hours, Alternatively the same amount of fuel would provide heat in 1 room for about 4 hours.

The process of combustion takes place only on the retort furnace of boiler and the fuel is supplied in relevant portions in accordance with driver settings. Combustion takes place at a temperature of about 1100-1200 °C and will generate only a small amount of smoke and ash. Periodically the ash will have to be removed and it will fall into a special drawer located below the furnace. With the optimal settings of boiler parameters the ash shall be removed every few weeks, this is at maximum burning capacity. The drawer is equipped with handy holders which allow for the removal of ash directly from the drawer.