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35kW Hot Air Blower, Water To Air Exchanger, Fan Radiator


35kW Hot Air Blower, Water To Air Exchanger, Fan Radiator

 Other sizes available.

Our WH range of hot air blowers offer very fast and effective way of heating large areas or delivering heat in to specific zones.

The principle of operation of these hot air blowing heaters, is to have hot water from boiler or other heat source be supplied by pipes, hot water then flows through water to air heat exchanger and is then distributed with assistance of a powerful yet energy efficient fan mounted at the rear of the unit. 

They come equipped with hanging bracket and a thermostat controller which has pre-selected fan speed settings.

Fan has effective range of 15-25 meters, adjustable fins allow direction of hot or cold air in to remote spaces.  For example a high ceiling open plan offices or a wide span warehouse installation can now heating from hot air in to spots that previously were not possible.

Using these with our range of multi fuel boilers is the ultimate heating solution to money conscious businesses.  

These fan heaters are ideal at heating and controlling individual zones / offices, heating garages or workshops, glass houses, green houses or poly tunnels or kiln drying wood in containers.

If you have a wood waste or cardboard, running a  business and heating costs are taking a chunk of your profits, our kits are an ideal solutions to stay warm.

Our higher output hot air blowers are also suitable in providing hot air curtain and heat in commercial applications.  

Above use of our WH blowers is to provide heating in to large areas, but the Air to Water exchangers can just as well be used to provide cool air during hot summer months, where the fan is blowing air through cold water or is just set to move air around the room or a building.

One product, many different uses.

Extremely well made, simple honest and energy efficient design and as with all of our products it is manufactured in Europe.

Please see our table for sizing, suggested installation and performance data.



workshop heater, hot air blower, space heater, garage heater, warehouse heater


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