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KKVP 8kW Wood Pellet Biomass Stove Automated Air Heater

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KKVP 8kW Wood Pellet Biomass Stove Automated Air Heater.

KKVP 8kW pellet stove is an efficient and economical space heater made using modern technology. Our stove is an environmentally friendly solution to cold, thanks to burning renewable and clean fuel which is wood pellets.


KKVP Automatic Wood Pellet Stove is a biomass burner with a modern shape and appearance. The front of the stove consist of tempered glass panels and the furnace casing is made of powder coated Black or White steel for its additional protection. The combustion chamber is lined with solid cast iron elements.

At the hart of automation is a touch sensitive controller, hidden beneath the glass panel. Very logical and simple to use, its minimalist look and delicate graphics perfectly match the look of the furnace.

The stove is equipped with decorative glass, thanks to which it gains elegant and modern appearance, excellent fire exposure and feeling of warmth when operating. A minimalistic handle compliments the door.

Almost silent operation.



Thanks to the electronically controlled built-in feeder system this biomass stove requires a minimum supervision.

The touch screen controller panel, which sets the operating modes has a very intuitive menu, making it easy to operate the entire unit.
Pellet fuel is placed in isolated fuel bin,which makes it easy to refill and can hold up to 15 kg of fuel. This amount of fuel allows the stove to run continuously for up to 25 hours.

The device can work in three different modes:

- a thermostat, according to which we set the desired temperature for the room, and the furnace selects the right amount of fuel and regulates power;

- programmable, allowing the furnace to work on scheduled daily and weekly cycles;

- manual, with 5-level power and heating control.

The clean glass system and the air curtain guarantees limits soot deposition and separates the glass from the hearth reducing the need for regular glass cleaning.

During the wood pellet combustion a small amount of ash is produced which needs to be emptied occasionally. For this purpose, the stove is equipped with a handy, removable container located underneath the fire, for easy cleaning.

The KKVP Stove has two electronically operated fans. First fan is used to circulate warm air around the room and the second located in the exhaust, extracts fumes and provides low pressure in the burner zone.

A separate air intake which allows us to bring fresh air from the outside of the building is located at the lower rear of the stove panel, this is air recuperation increases heating effectiveness and efficiency. To increase efficiency further a air mass flow meter monitors and adjusts extractor fan speed thus regulating air supply to the stove.

The stove comes with self levelling feet. 



KKVP stove is equipped with a multi sensor system to ensure its safe, efficient and correct operation. Audible and visual messages on the controllers display inform the user of any errors, including low fuel, loss of draft, or possibility of  overheating.

The doors glass is made out of ceramics resistant to 800°C.

A strong, stable construction, manufactured using best quality components.



The unit meets the requirements of Ecodesign EU standards and BImSchV 2 standard, which determines the maximum CO emission.

The KKVP Stove is constructed out of purpose manufactured EN303 steel and high quality ceramic inserts.  

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