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Fuel savings

How Much Can I Save?

In recent months energy prices for oil, gas and electricity have risen dramatically and it doesn't look like things are going to change any time soon.

Forward thinking people are realising more and more big savings can be made by using renewable energy. Your carbon footprint will also be dramatically reduced (assuming you will be using wood or wood pellets!)

To date all our customers have remarked upon the financial savings they have made purchasing their Mad About Heat multi fuel central heating boiler.

With Mad About Heat boiler the thermostat can be set at for example 21 deg Celsius constantly. This means your house will be kept at a steady temperature all the time and minimal energy will be used as the boiler will extract the maximum energy potential of your chosen fuel.

Typically the saving is between 20-40% over oil or gas, with price of solid fuels like wood, wood pellets, shavings and coal being more stable than that of heavy oil, gas oil, kerosene.

But do expect a considerable saving!