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Boiler Delivery to Europe

Whilst www.madaboutheat.com is based in the UK, we supply boilers throughout Europe as well as the UK and Ireland. 


Over the years we have delivered many boilers to many homeowners in Europe directly to the door and have much experience of supplying Multi Fuel and Solid Fuel Boilers to France, Spain, Italy and other European countries.


Many houses in France are heated using solid fuel as it is widely available and cost effective. 


Ex pat customers in Europe have been telling us for over 10 years that it can be difficult to obtain a quality solid fuel boiler at a reasonable price for a number of reasons but you can be sure of excellent customer service and a straightforward transaction when you purchase your biomass boiler with us.


In fact often old European houses can benefit from fitting a solid fuel boiler as their thick walls can act as an insulator and work much like a thermal store.  Our boilers can be fuelled by a wide variety of fuels including wood, coal, grain and peat.


Madaboutheat.com boilers can be used alongside your current heating system – so if for example you only stay in the property for a few weeks or months of the year  - the oil boiler can be used on a very low setting throughout the winter to ensure the pipes don’t freeze and to give the house some degree of protection – but when you visit the solid fuel boiler can be used.  You can install a manual system where the fuel will have to be loaded every day or with a fully automatic wood pellet system it will work away in the background providing heat but require little attention.


The boiler can be use to heat your radiators but can also be used to heat your swimming pool – in the summer or in the winter.


This system is easy to set up and any competent plumber will be able to install – we will give you plumbing diagrams and are happy to speak to the installer.


We can speak over the phone – 0044 28 8555 7111,

Message or Speak using Whats App – 0044 786 222 1743

or email your requirements to us – info@madaboutheat.com