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KBM 10kW Cast Iron Stove Insert Multi Fuel Log Coal Burner

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KBM 10kW Cast Iron Stove Insert Multi Fuel Log Coal Burner.


KBM classic original design stove with its timeless looks is good choice for open spaces where different rooms are connected e.g. living room and dining room as they heat air in those room swiftly and efficiently whilst giving cosy feel of an open fire.

The stoves have increased efficiency in combustion of fuel particles thanks to fire deflector, which extends the exhaust gas path.

Manual control of the combustion process through vents around ash pan and regulation of chimney draft using built-in damper.



The KBM 17kW stoves can burn coal on a special grate. 



This stove is made out of 8mm thick cast iron.

High temperature glass is specifically designed for intensive burning and exposure to temperatures of around 800 degrees C.

The KBM stoves meet requirements of Ecodesign standards and the emissions restrictions set out by the BImSchV 2 regulations for the maximum CO emissions.


KBM 17kW Log burning stove is equipped in the cold handle system which allows handle removal when the stove is in use as well as glass air curtain keeping glass clean and aiding in ignition of post primary combustion gases.

Ash drawer / ashtray, where the remains of burnt fuel fall and a grate for easy ash removal.


5 year warranty.

KBM 10kW Stove fire place insert for heating room barn space air log burner spec madaboutheat


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