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KKTV 10kW Glass Surround Stylish Modern Stove Grey Ceramic Lined

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KKTV 10kW Glass Surround Stylish Modern Stove Grey Ceramic Lined.

KKTV 10kW is a freestanding steel stove lined with ceramic bricks with an interesting geometrical shape and big glass door. Its simple form is eye catching  and attracts attention.

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Higher burn efficiency and more stable burn temperature is achieved by use of ceramic material Acumotte in combustion chamber. Acumotte acts as a catalyst and heat store.

Complete fuel combustion including un burned dust and flammable gases are aided by the deflector which extend the exhaust path allowing more heat to be released inside the stove. This process increases efficiency of burning and guarantees better energy release and use it also minimises emissions of harmful substances to the atmosphere. An additional diaphragm that functions similarly to the deflector has been installed in the exhaust outlet, which further enhances efficiency.

Fresh air is supplied to the wood stove via built-in 100 mm external air inlets which are located at the bottom or the back of the stove and deliver the combustible air underneath the fire. Either air supply can be blanked off and or connected to outside air supply. Air mas flow rate is adjusted with a throttle placed below the door. This solution prevents from improper usage. Whole mechanism works quietly and without fail.

Triple system of combustion chamber's air supply, is designed to provide oxygen through under the grate through holes in a back wall and additionally clean glass system designed (air curtain). This way oxygen is also supplied to the upper part of the combustion chamber, were most post-combustion of gases ignite and reduce harmful CO emissions to the atmosphere.



This log stove is equipped with a heat-resistant ceramics that can withstand temperatures up to 800C.

Decorative bottom lip helps to maintain tidiness and protects against hot rocks falling out.

The KKTV 10kW stove is air tight, feature achieved by using very dimension-ally accurate laser cutting, CNC bending, solid welding and high quality control.



Specially profiled bottom plate of Acumotte is used giving the KKTV 10kW stove bigger firebox volume and allowing for larger size wood to be put inside. 

Movable grate and ash drawer enable to keep the stove clean.

The glazing of the insert remains clean thanks to the clear glass system.

The air curtain separates the glass from the chamber. So it does not soot up.

Due to its shape, the freestanding stove KKTV can be installed in the corner of the room with either top or rear connections. Rear connection is possible both on the right and left side of the stove. Thanks to the easy assembly it is possible to rearrange the side panels of the stove and the exhaust outlet and there are no problems connecting the appliance to chimney, regardless of its location on the wall. 

5 year warranty.



The KKTV spacious glazing gives an impression of an open fire more attractive, and the extra decorative glass highlight its charm. The interior of the stove is lined with special ceramic Acumotte bricks which contrasts with the stove, giving it a modern look. Acumotte is a ceramic material which accumulates heat and raises burn temperature in the furnace.

Solid handle, makes it easy to open and to seal the door. Thanks to this, the device works well in homes with recuperation system.

Below the furnaces, the stove is equipped in ash tray and a mechanical mechanism that when pressed opens allowing ash to fall through.



The unit meets the requirements of European Ecodesign standards and the restrictions of the BImSchV 2 standard, which determines the maximum CO emission.


The KKTV Stove is constructed out of purpose manufactured EN303 steel and high quality ceramic inserts.  


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