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Automatic Pellet Boiler Adjustments

In addition to Blower Fan Adjustments and Semi Automatic Boiler Adjustments following adjustment to achieve optimum performance are necessary.

Additional parameters which require adjustment for the automated boilers are the feeder’s operation duration and its pause, idle mode, ignition, self cleaning burner head and auto ash emptying on more higher range models.

Adjusting the feed time to stop time is done is seconds and good starting point is a ratio of 2:1, for every 5 seconds of feed 10 seconds of break, allowing the fuel to burn, if fuel remains un-burned correction to break time should be made. 

Idle mode can be as much as 1hr, this is the time the boiler will not feed fuel or supply air unless set temperature falls below threshold. Once set time is up the boiler will enter full work mode for 10 seconds to sustain good flame, unless equipped in self ignition module where unit will stay inoperative for long periods of time.

Some of the controllers have the self ignition module, this can be activated or deactivated depending on user requirements.

Higher up the boiler range, controllers come with options for activation for self cleaning of burner grate and automatic ash emptying.

This all might sound complicated, its not, our boiler are very easy to operate, once initially set, very little input is required to maintain their work, apart from refuelling.  

For safety the controllers have a temperature protection circuit for the feeder and fuel bin, if the temperature increases above the factory programmed threshold, the alarm switches on, the controller then activates the feeder for several or more than ten minutes. The increase in temperature results from the flame’s backing up to feeding system and this function prevents the fuel in the feeder from igniting. 

In addition to above protection some of the boilers come equipped with Fireman water discharge system, this system extinguishes the boiler by releasing a 5L in to the screw system.

Although flames backing in to the feeding system are a very rare occurrence, the electronic and physical protection are there on hand.

Boilers designed to use only wood pellets operate by dropping the pellets on to the fire grate from distance of around 600mm+, thus do not require protection against flame travelling back.

With technology changing fast new options and sensors are being added to increase boiler efficiency, most are automated and some have the options of switching off and modifying to suit individual needs. 

We are at hand to explain the effects and help setting up boilers sold by us.