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What is solid fuel

What is solid fuel?

Solid fuels are contrasted with gaseous fuels and liquid fuels. Solid fuel is using to burn and produce energy through combustion in boilers. There are various types of solid material that are used as solid fuel.

Solid fuels are:

  • coal,

 coal for multifuel boilers central heating UK Ireland France Spain
  • wood,

Wood for multifuel stoves boilers for sale Ireland UK France Spain Germany USA
  • wood pellet,

Wood pellet boiler fuel madaboutheat Ireland GB Scotland Wales France Spain
  • biomass, peat,

 straw and hay for burning boiler central heating hot water cheap madaboutheat.com  wood shavings for boiler burning cetnral heating UK Scotland Wales England Ireland France Spain  Peat turf for central heating boiler stove fireplace madaboutheat UK GB France Ireland NI Wales Scotland England png
  • hexamine fuel tablets

hexamine fuel tablets for boilers stoves central heating clean emissions madaboutheat png
  • grains.

Grain for fuel boiler burning wheat madaboutheat


    Solid fuels have been used by human for years to create fire, to warm homes or to heat water. Coal is still used in electricity generation today as well as in multi fuel boilers. Some of solid fuels are smokeless and some can generate smoke and can contribute to smog. The advantage of solid fuel is availability, renewability, regeneration, lower emissions and cost.