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DEP Slim Line 9kW Wood Pellet Automated Stove Room Heater

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DEP Slim Line 9kW Wood Pellet Automated Stove Room Heater.

At madaboutheat.com we have a range of wood pellet powered automated hot air blowing stoves the DEP and DEP Slim Line, both 9kW power output.

These pellet stoves are powerful, efficient and economical.

Designed, manufactures and made out of quality materials using latest technologies with care about environment they are getting to be very popular alternative to traditional open fire places. 

DEP and DEP slim line are equipped in electronic computer controlling air and fuel ratios and are rated at being nearly 92% efficient! Its use is very intuitive and easy to use, once programmed requires little input.

This range of wood pellet stoves have high level of aesthetics and quality of finish, their design fits neutrally well in classic older style decor as well as modern designed buildings.

Power output


Flue diameter 



Emissions of CO @ 13% O2 0,030%

Exhaust gases temp


Heating area of 

90-120 m2

Window height


Window width


Fuel bin volume





2 years

DEP wood pellet stove automated efficient room heater fire place

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