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CSB Multi Fuel Coal Wood Burning Stove And Boiler


CSB Multi Fuel Coal Wood Burning Stove And Boiler.

This simple yet effective cooker comes with built in water jacket to heat hot water which is then used for central heating.

 At 16kW power output the CSB has plenty of power to heat up a property with a square area of around 130 meters square.

CSB cooker stove is designed to work in open system type of central heating, it is not suitable for pressurised or combi type boiler plumbing layouts.

Our multi fuel baby range cooker, requires no electricity to operate, very rare feature making this an ideal holiday home heating system and hot water boiler.

This stove is able to burn wide range of fuels, with large class leading fire box chamber the CSB provides heat by burning wood logs and coal as primary fuels, but is also happy burning cardboard, papers, shrubs, leafs, light domestic waste, shavings and wood chips.

CSB Spec     
Power output [kW] 16
Heat exchanger area [m2] 1.4
Efficiency [%] 74
Max water temp [°C ] 85
Fire box volume [L] 24
Total Weight [kg] 166
Required flue draw [Pa] 24
Water volume [L] 34
Flue diameter [mm] 75
Width [mm] 746
Depth [mm] 670
Height [mm] 809

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