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DPBi2 75kW Auto Feed Dual Fuel Boiler For Pellets, Logs, Coal


DPBi2 75kW Auto Feed Dual Fuel Boiler For Pellets, Logs, Coal

DPBi2 75kW wood pellet boiler with a true multi fuel burn capability,  automatic feed system, producing hot water for central heating.

Power outputs from 16 - 75kW

DPBI range of multi fuel wood pellet boilers, are the biggest and heaviest in size per their power output when compared to other brands of pelletized fuel burners we currently stock. These units are tested to over 30% of their stated output and come equipped with variety of electronic aides to boost their reliability and efficiency.

The DPBI biomass boilers are capable of burning variety of pelletized fuels, including wood pellets, small pea coal, slack and some grains. They are also able to burn solid fuels like wood, logs, peat, turf, coal and other wood originating products, when loaded manually through middle door. Please see the cut away diagram.

The pelletised fuel of no more than 20mm cube is stored in a hopper, rigidly mounted on the side with auger delivering in to the lower centre of the fire box chamber where air is being injected from surrounding air jets. These units, similarly to other boilers in our shop, after completing the burn, the remainder of ash falls down on to a tray below.

DPBi2 models in this range come equipped with friendly to use colour display computer, mounted on top. The controller operates range of parameters in various modules like air fan speed, auger supply, multi water pump control, exhaust gases temperature and has ability to link with oxygen sensor as well as a gsm modem.

DPBi2 red pellet boiler range are design to circulate flame and fumes in the upper part, where main heat exchanger is located.

Hopper flame detection system is designed to operate to ensure safe workings of these units.

Parameter sheet gives in-depth dimensions information as well as available power outputs.

EN approved steel, for use with solid fuel flames, 5-6 mm laser cut plate with weld either side.

Highlighting features of the DPBI Boilers.

  • Easy to use  controller.

  • High efficiency. 

  • Hopper refills 4-21 days.

  • Ability to connect GSM module.

  • Cleaning periods 2-3 months.

  • Ash emptying 1-2 months.

  • True Multi fuel capability.

  • Automatic fuel feed

Ideal for most central heating, hot water heaters in swimming pool applications, vented or pressurised sealed systems and burning wide variety of solid fuels, can also be used for working with other boilers and to provide hot water for under floor heating.

Made to order, usually 2-4 weeks.

As with the rest of our items this wood boiler is a 100 % European product.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other product, please get in touch. Details are on 'Contact us' page.


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