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DWBi 20kW Computer Controlled Multi Fuel Heating Boiler


DWBi 20kW Computer Controlled Multi Fuel Heating Boiler.

DWBI biomass burning multi fuel boiler with characteristic burn from top, downwards flame, current best seller ideal burner replacement for oil and gas powered boilers used for central heating and hot water. 

DWBI biomass burning multi fuel boiler with characteristic burn from top, downwards flame, current best seller ideal burner replacement for oil and gas powered boilers used for central heating and hot water.

Multi fuel fan assisted central heating biomass boilers.

The DWBI chassis is an evolution of DWB range, a logical addition of electronic air and water pump control helps to increase overall efficiency output. Solidly and aesthetically build, these multi fuel boilers are built with long refill times in mind. Size of fire box is what makes these units stand out above the rest.


These red boilers are finished to a very high standard, come with expandable or up gradable controller, are very easy to operate and maintain not forgetting the long refill times in the excess of 8-10 hrs are easily achievable with some edging up to 18hrs with few modifications.

Ideally suited for users with access to wood in all forms, coal, peat, cardboard, straw and other combustible materials.

Looking at the front of this burner, the upper door is used for access and cleaning of heat exchanger channels.

The middle opening is the fuel loading door and access for further maintenance.

DWBi Boiler Spec

Specification/boiler type Unit 12 15 20 25 30 35 40 50
Power range kW 3,6-12 4,5-15 6,0-20 7,5-25 9,0-30 10,5-35 12,0-40 15,0-50
Heating area (up to)  m2 140 160 220 250 290 340 390 460
Optimum thermal efficiency % ~82,2-83,0
Energy efficiency class - D D D D D D D D
Max. system pressure bar 1,5
Required flue gas draught Pa 22 24 26 28 30 31 32 34
Max. temp. of water  return / supply °C 65/85
Boiler weight 2 kg 251 307 355 380 420 495 532 626
Boiler water capacity L 62 82 106 115 127 146 151 185
Chimney section cmxcm 14x14 14x14 14x14 16x16 17x17 18x18 19x19 21x21
Chimney section Ø mm 160 160 160 170 190 200 210 230
Minimum chimney height m 6 6 7 8 8 8 9 9
Boiler Width mm 547 597 597 647 647 747 747 797
Boiler Depth mm 905 963 1080 1080 1088 1088 1088 1088
Boiler Height mm 1515 1569 1569 1569 1765 1765 1916 2067
Diameter of supply and return Dn mm G1 ½”
Diameter of flue mm 159 159 159 178 178 178 194 244
Supply V/Hz ~230/50
Maximum power consumption W 44 44 44 44 44 44 165 165
Height to bottom edge of the flue mm 1036 1086 1086 1068 1268 1268 1357 1458
Dimensions of Fire box and size opening opening for refuelling. width 258 308 308 358 358 458 458 508
depth 380 430 547 547 547 547 547 547
height 230 230 230 230 371 424 424 547
width x height 258x188 308x238 308x238 358x238 358x288 458x288 458x288 508x288

Door at the bottom of the boiler is, housing manual draft control flap, used for lighting of fuel as well as ash pan and shake-able grate access.

To the right of this particular DWBI multifuel boiler is a foot shaker handle. Use the handle regularly to stoke fire and cause burned excess ash to fall, allowing for a better more complete burn of various fuels.

Top of the burner, located are the air pump and an intelligent controller. The controller is equipped with touch screen and is gsm capable ( depending on spec) and the air pump is a key device in making this DWBI multifuel boiler, having incinerator like characteristics and allowing burning variety of different fuels.

At the rear of the boiler beneath the flue connection point is the secondary heat exchanger channel access panel, use the panel for further maintenance cleaning.

This particular boiler when combusting fuel, it does so from top and sides towards the bottom, through a specially located air jets..

These multifuel log boilers can also be used to heat swimming pool water, hot tubs, jacuzzi's and etc.

Very little in terms of maintenance, empty ash every 2-4 days if used at full power and an inside clean every 2-3 months with cleaning devices provided. The thorough clean takes around 10-15 minutes and is only major maintenance task required to be performed regularly.

Ideal for all central heating applications vented or pressurised sealed systems and burning all solid fuels, can also be used for working with other boilers and to provide hot water for under floor heating.

Relevant European approval.

In stock and available for immediate delivery!

As with the rest of our items this wood boiler is a 100 % European product.

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