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TABi Multi Fuel Wood Waste Burning Hot Air Blower Space Heater


TABi Multi Fuel Wood Waste Burning Hot Air Blower Space Heater.

TABI multi fuel, pellet, slack, manufacturing wood waste, chipboard, wood chips and coal fuel powered space heaters and air warmers. Tabi hot air blowers produce huge amounts of warm air, like a curtain to heat  warehouses, workshops or other open spaces.

Power outputs of 30 & 70 kW

30kW is Manually Loaded

70kW is Automated and comes with hopper

The shipping of the 70kW TABi is to be confirmed and the point of order as due to size this unit requires special delivery service.

Air to Air space heater TABI range, combines ability to burn solid fuels loaded manually and automatically fed wood pellet fuel. These multi fuel air warmers are designed for heating commercial and industrial areas, like workshops, large halls and etc.

Being large on size these waste burning space heaters benefit from a large fire box, big hopper and generate plenty of heat through the rotatable air duct on top.

The multifuel space heater can be used as a stand alone unit, only requiring standard electrical socket connection and flue for fume extraction, or as part of air ducting system, distributing hot air throughout the building. The air flow rates are around 5700 and 8270 cubic metres per hour for 30kw and 70kw respectively.

When in use, the fire from burning solid or pelleted fuel heats up steel chassis and specially designed hot fins with tubes, a powerful fan then blows air directly on to hot steel elements and the heat exchange process takes place. The design is very simple, efficient and reliable! There are no bricks nor other heat absorbent items as these machines are solidly made out of 5-7mm purpose made EN certified steel plates and tubes.

The boiler is equipped in an axial fan with low noise emissions and a high flow of air, forced air pump for controlling burn temperature, automated hopper system and a controller monitoring and adjusting variety of different parameters to maximise power and efficiency.

The advantage of TABI space air heaters are:

High thermal efficiency ~ 90%
Ability to burn solid fuels like wood, wood waste, cardboard and other wood related products.
Burning of pelleted fuel.
Durable, corrosion-resistant powder coated guard.
Ability to work in freezing temperatures due to a lack of liquid factor.
Fan mounted in the boiler allows for even distribution of heat in the room.
Very low operating costs.
High power.
Rotatable fan duct.
Very simple to use.
Super reliable.

Relevant European approval.

As with the rest of our items this wood boiler is a 100 % European product.

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TABi space heater hot air blower multi fuel wood coal log waste chipboard chip burner.

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