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TWB 20kW Manual Wood Logs Light Waste Coal Hot Water Boiler


TWB 20kW Manual Wood Logs Light Waste Coal Hot Water Boiler.

TWB Series is a modern multi solid fuel boiler with an attractive design and price, entry level for green range of wood burning central heating and hot water boilers.

Available in power outputs from 15 – 25KW.

TWB is an entry model of our green range of multi fuel boilers. Similarly to the yellow and red burners these units can burn most fuels, they share similar chassis layout are efficient and simple to use. Solidly made out of laser cut 5-6mm purpose high grade steel, with relevant EN certification. These are simple to operate, robust and a solid design multifuel central heating boilers, they do what they supposed to, heat water, without much fuss.

The colour reflects their principal purpose, provide clean heat, the TWB boilers are able to burn wood, coal, wood waste, cardboard, garden waste and are efficiently exchanging the energy into hot water.

These wood burning boilers are designed to be used with open / vented central heating systems, they do require user input in a form of re-fuelling and monitoring of combustion temperature as well as fire stoking, check every 3-4 hrs

They are a manual type boilers, this means that there is no electricity required for this machine to work and the solid fuel is loaded by hand.

Looking at the front of the multi-fuel boiler there are 3 openings.

The top door is used for maintenance and cleaning purposes, TWB chassis recirculates hot air fumes in an upper part, regular cleaning to optimise efficiency and power output is best concentrated on this area.

Middle door is used for loading of fuel, mentioned earlier on in the text TWB boilers are able to burn wood, coal, wood waste, cardboard and garden waste.

Lower door serves number of purposes. Firstly it houses air supply flap that controls oxygen levels and thus control over boiler temperature, secondly they give access to lighting fire and thirdly they allow ash emptying from the pan.

To the right of the boiler is the shaker lever, it is used to rock grate and shake down burnt ash on to the pan below.

The fumes exit is located at the back and an analogue temperature gauge is located on the upper cover.

Burn direction is from bottom up, manual flap control.

Refills vary with boiler output as does fire box size, but expected multi fuel boiler burn time, using coal or wood, to be 3-4 hours for smaller units and up to 8-10 hours on bigger machines.

Maintenance is straight forward and simple tools needed are supplied. Expect to empty ash when burning wood and coal every week or less, thorough clean once a month. Cleaning takes no more that 10-15 min for average able person.

Relevant European approval.

In stock and available for immediate delivery!

As with the rest of our items this wood boiler is a 100 % European product.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other product, please get in touch. Details are on 'Contact us' page.

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