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TWBi 13kW Semi Automatic Fan Assisted Solid Fuel Central Heating Boiler


TWBi 13kW Semi Automatic Fan Assisted Solid Fuel Central Heating Boiler.

Fan assisted multi fuel biomass central heating boilers, simple, solid, reliable benefiting from modern control system.

Power output range from 13-21kW

Semi automatic wood burning boilers in the TWBI range, similarly to WBI and DWBI, can trace their DNA from the entry level TWB of the green boiler range.

Like other boilers, the TWBI multifuel boiler is solidly made out of 5-6 mm EN certified steel, laser cut and welded from both sides, they have upper flame re circulation heat exchanger and bottom grate is integral part of the water jacket system.

TWBI wood burning central heating boiler shares its core design principles with other models in our shop, the green range of wood and coal burners are based on evolution of their trusted and tested TWB boiler range rather than the development of new chassis. The Intelligent processor controls air injection fan as well as multiple water pumps to increase efficiency level to that of other brands found on the world market.

The air is delivered through patented air jet system, making sure complete burn takes place and the whole process is controlled by top mounted controller.

- Simple and robust in design makes good use of electronic control.

- Burning fuel occurs from top, down.

- Suitable for most central heating systems including open / vented as well sealed / pressurised ones.

The TWBI range of multi-fuel boilers are able to work, in case of power cut, without electricity. This is only possible on vented non pressurised central heating and hot water systems.

Taking a look at the boiler, starting from front, the upper opening allows maintenance access needed for cleaning.

Middle door is for loading of fuel and access to fire box, size of fire boxes vary with boiler outputs, please see table below.

Door located at the bottom of the boiler allows access to ash pan, manual air control and lighting of fire.

There is another inspection and maintenance access panel located at the back of the boiler just below flue mounting point. 

To the right of this particular TWBI multi-fuel boiler is a foot shaker handle. Use the handle regularly to stoke fire and cause burned excess ash to fall, allowing for a better more complete burn of various fuels.

These multi fuel log boilers can also be used to heat swimming pools or Jacuzzi.

Very little in terms of maintenance, empty ash every 2-4 days if used at full power and an inside clean every 2-3 months with cleaning devices provided. The thorough clean takes around 10-15 minutes and is only major maintenance task required to be performed regularly.

Ideal for all central heating applications vented or pressurised sealed systems and burning all solid fuels, can also be used for working with other boilers and to provide hot water for under floor heating.

Relevant European approval.

In stock and available for immediate delivery!

As with the rest of our items this wood boiler is a 100 % European product.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other product, please get in touch. Details are on 'Contact us' page.

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