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WBi 24kW Central Heating Hot Water Boiler Heater Multi Fuel


WBi 24kW Central Heating Hot Water Boiler Heater Multi Fuel.

WBI boilers bridge gap between multi fuel burning capability of solid fuel burners and an automatic technology of wood pellet type machines.

Fan assisted air injected multi fuel wood, coal and light waste boiler.

These boilers have model range with output from 9kW to 50kW

Based loosely on the well established and proven WB boiler chassis, the WBI range of multi fuel boilers makes most of multi fuel capability by introducing computer controlled air injection pump to aid burn process.

Combine this with class leading firebox sizes a refill times of around 10-14 hrs are to be expected. For fire box sizes please see the spec chart as sizes vary with boiler outputs.

These log boilers can be used to burn wood, logs, timber, coal, peat, garden waste, light domestic waste and other combustible solid fuels.

The heat generated by burning fuel is used to heat up water circulating around the firebox, grate and through exhaust channel heat exchangers, the water is then circulated around the central heating and hot water supply convectors and heat exchangers.

The WBI series multi fuel boilers have incinerator like characteristics, produce vast amounts of heat from burning solid fuels.

Taking a look at the machine itself:

On top of the multifuel burner is the controller. Equipped with latest intelligent algorithms, they require very little input once programmed, with the initial programming taking no more than 1 minute they can differentiate between various power demands to keep hot water supply temperature curve, flat. 

Looking at the front, top opening has maintenance access for cleaning out the heat exchanger channels, cleaning equipment devices are included.

Middle door is used for loading of fuel.

Bottom door, gives access to lighting of fuel, cleaning and ash emptying.

The fumes exit through the opening at the rear with a further cleaning access panel located just below that.

Multiple pump control capability.

The WBI burning direction of fuel is from bottom, up.

 Our range of multi fuel boilers are not to be confused with inferior units made out of sheet metal, these wood and coal boilers are solid and constructed out of 5-6 mm laser cut plates, their mass is in the region of between 300-550 kg.

Engineered to last!

Ideal for all central heating applications vented or pressurised sealed systems and burning of most solid fuels.

Relevant European approval.

In stock and available for immediate delivery!

As with the rest of our items this wood boiler is a 100 % European product.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other product, please get in touch. Details are on 'Contact us' page.


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WBi 24kW Central Heating Hot Water Boiler Heater Multi Fuel

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